Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nikole Richie

Nikole Richie Nikole Richie
Nikole Richie @
Nikole Richie. What is there to be said about this one. Well, she enjoys the finer things in life. The manicures, the pedicures, shopping, nice cars etc etc. BUT... with all of those nice things come at a high price. Sometimes Nikole has the dough to pay the high price. Most of the time she doesn't. So what can a girl do to keep herself "blingged out"? Anything she has to do. This is where we come in. We give this big spender a lil' dough and a dick she will blow. After overcoming her fear of this nasty bathroom stall, she blows like a champ. After she gets a mouth full of jizz from some stranger she cleans up and goes out shopping. I'm sure we will see this one again.
Nikole Richie Nikole Richie

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